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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Well, we're back. The car survived.

Punish verb - 1. To completely finish off, destroy, use a thing. 2. To do serious damage to something. I introduce this definition, due to the excessive amount of punishing that went on during our time away.

We punished the track in semi dark conditions. We punished the "Pete and Scott's Hearty Tramping Soup".........(by the way, remember to bring the noodles. it's not the same without them....seriously.) Next we punished James and Malachi. That was awesome. Check out James 4:4. After this we punished a whole coal bucket filled with coal, and then raided some wood from outside, and punished that. Then today we punished Jono's shoes, and his tramping pack. All in a day's work. I think Strong Bad would have a bogus mathematical theorem for this. The amount of punishing that takes place, is directly proportional to the amount of pleasure one feels. Bogus Mathematical Theorem

On a more serious note. It was awesome to get away and read God's word, discuss it, and pray. It was really awesome, and I am really excited about doing something like that again. We picked some real gems from James particularly, and it was really challenging. It was great just sitting near the fire, chatting, shovelling in copious quantities of coal. In the end, we decided to sleep in the room with the fire, even though it wasn't the bunk room. The rules stated that we weren't allowed to move matresses onto the floor, and so we had to sleep on the floor. But, better to be warm and have a hard floor, than be cold and have a hard mattress!

Went round to my mate Hamish's place tonight. We are studying Greek together at Grace Theological College. Grace homepage I'm a bit behind in it at the moment, so need to put in a bit more study. I will do some more tomorrow.

Faith and Prayer

Jono and I were chatting about this. If we really believed prayer was important and useful, we would do it much more often. It's a life principle; if you think something is worthwhile, and you genuinely believe it, you will spend time doing it. In the same way, if we have faith that God hears and answers prayer, we would take time to do it. I think it's similar to the whole faith and works thing. In the same way if you're faith is real, and you really believe that Jesus Chirst died for you, obedience will follow.


Nice to see Anita, (and Hamish) and Alana on board! (or is it on bored?)


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