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Saturday, June 21, 2003

Dear readers of my online diary, I wish to apologise for my unashamed (pronounced with an 'id' at the end of the word) punishing of the English language in my last post. Special apologies to Alana aka Miss Dictionary.

The only exciting thing that has happened to me recently was going to the optometrist. Oh boy! My eyesight hasn't got worse since I was 18, which is good news. On the other hand, it could't have got much worse.......hehe. Anyway, I had to get new frames because my old ones were busted. It's pretty expensive, and when you take samples home to show everyone. Nobody likes the ones you like, and they all like different ones, and so in the end, you just go with what you want.

Nato, you don't know how many times I have heard that pathetic joke "It's all greek to me." But ENOUGH ALREADY. It isn't funny after the millionth time. If someone tells you they are learning Greek. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT say "It's all Greek to me". Chances are they won't find it funny, and chances are even higher that your nose won't either.

Well I'm writing my entry one computer away from Jono, and he stole my thunder about TVs. But I'm so with him. TV is evil to social gatherings. What's also scary is that we are often to gutless to suggest an alternative (like a game) because we think we'll get chopped down, when in reality, most people are just watching the TV because it's on, not because they want to. (There are exceptions to this.)


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