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Saturday, December 06, 2003


Blogging to you from Ichikawa. Te flight over here was long, but not too tedious. First impressions of this country are all positive, although as Jesse rightly puts it, it is a bit of a sensory overload. It's funny seeing advertising with Japanese people in the pictures. Also of note is the nature of the Japanese people we have seen so far. Amazingly polite describes them. It's quite unlike walking around in New Zealand. One guy in a suit carried my sister's suitcase down a flight of stairs, and another carried Madeline's.

Also the streets are really different. They are sort of a cross between a street and a footpath. Really funny.

The food so far has been super great. We had these sort of bun things, with custardy cream in them. Oiiiiiii! Jesse and I are sharing a room. We have matresses on the floor. Really comfortable, and the duvets are reeeeeally warm.

OOOO! I forgot. The trains. At each station, there is this cheesy music kinda like "do do do dee dee da" (if ya know what I mean), and then this voice in Japanese and then a real cheesy american accent telling you what the next stop is, and to get on the train before the doors close. The trains arrive on time (!) and are clean fast, and comfortable. Gotta say I like the nice backside heaters that the seats have. A nice touch.

Over and Out!


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