Scott & Sarah Kennedy

Sunday, December 07, 2003


Interesting incidents:-

1) We met a man biking down the road shaving. As he past us he did the Japanese 'bob/bow thing. You had to be there but it was terribly funny.

2) The 1st concert went very well. I think we really exceeded our (realistic) expectations, which was really nice. We talked with some really cool folk, and one couple are coming down to NZ next year. Another guy I was talking to gave me a couple of Japanese cd's which was pretty cool.


Church was really different. It was quite formal, and had sort of a more ritualistic feel. For example there was lighting of candles at the beginning of the service and snuffing them out at the end. Also there are nice stained glass windows, and the building has a real 'church' look.

Peter preached and was translated as he went. So that was a new experience. It breaks the sermon up into bite size sentences. Sometimes the Japanese is much longer than the English, which does make you wonder what extra apologies/corrections/explanations/"what he really meant was' etc are going on.

We went into "Electric City" today. Wall to wall people, and so many good goodies to buy, but unfortunately it was Sunday, so I had to restrain myself. We talked to a couple of people. One was an older man who was trying to learn English, but found us hard to understand because he was learning in an American accent. Another was one of the girls handing out tissues. For those of you who haven't heard of this, there are people over here who are paid to hand out little packets of tissues. Some of our team members kept coming back, and some had 8 or 12 little tissue packets. Also we went into this lift which said it could hold 9 people, but we had it beeping with 6 of us on board. Fatties.

Please remember "if it's supposed to be possessive it's just i-t-s, but if it's gunna be a contraction it's i-t-apostrophe-s." ..........."scalliwag"


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