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Tuesday, July 22, 2003


Sorry for the lack of blogging. I will try properly tomorrow night. Not that the comments have been flowing in much anyway.


My mum is waiting on the results of some tests. Please pray for that. Peter Warner came round to encourage us today. I'm glad he was made person of the week, He is such an example of living the Christian life.

Macintosh Mac PPC

Could the owner/user of this computer please identify themselves! I have been wondering who this person is. I don't know anyone who uses one, and yet they seem to read my blog, making up 1% of the traffic.

Mind Siege

Started reading a good book called Mind Siege. The first chapter was set in 2010, and was scary. It was trying to show what could happen if Christians continue in their 'live and let live' philosophy, instead of getting on in the world and changing things. Will tell you more as I proceed in this book.

God bless you all.


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