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Monday, December 15, 2003


Gidday peoples. Finally I get a chance to use the computer.It is in reasonably high demand, when it is actually working. A few important things have happened since I last posted. Yay for the Americans! They finally caught that evil wretch Saddam. Good job. All of Iraq celebrates! Well all except Saddam`s home town.

In Japan news, things are ticking along nicely. We are now in Aomori. Things are starting to get quite busy, and some of us (including yours truly) have a had a bit of sickness. Nothing that a bit of sleep and overdosing on Vitamin C can`t cure. There was quite a bit snow on the ground when we first came up here but the weather has been real warm, and most of the snow has melted.

The team is getting on reasonably well, with only a few injuries from fights.

Quote of the Week

`I will show her who is the man around here`

from film Bad Attitudes



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