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Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Well we're off to Sendai today. We have a concert there tonight, and then we are cruising up to Aomori. Apparently it is a bit chilly there, and there has been snow recently.

We went to Disneyland on Monday. I must say it was a pretty good experience, and it was amazing just seeing the lengths the designers had gone to to make you suspend disbelief and feel as if you are in another world. On the down-side, the wait-times for the rides were prohibitive. Most rides took over an hour of queing, which was frustrating. However we sang songs to pass the time, which seemed to amuse the people around us.

The night parade was especially spectacular. Lights and sound and (you get the idea...), but all in all, if you want good rides and fun go to Rainbows End! Haha.


It's great to have a little break from C.I.A, but I am really rearing to get back into it. I have some ideas which I am enthusiastic to implement. Breaks always do that to me, althought generally I don't complete half of what I want to when I get back, because of...procrastination.


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