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Wednesday, December 17, 2003


This computer has a thing for Japanese characters. The Japanese below should read `avoid`.


It is very nice weather over here. The snow has almost all melted now. Aomori is quite a nice (see post on nice) place. It is built on a large plain surrounded by about 270 degrees of hills/snowy mountains. The harbour and sea surrounds the rest of this large plain. It would be even nicer if it houses and man made structures didn`t fill up the whole valley. Oh well.

Missing Home

I am really missing the wide open spaces of home. One of the first things I plan when I arrive home is a hike in the bush. There is nothing like that here seemingly. Even the `country` is pretty built up. What was scary were the train rides up from Tokyo. Looking out the window, so much of the country was built upon. I need some space, and the beauty of God`s creation.

Oh yeah.... I miss you guys too!


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