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Monday, December 22, 2003

Of Japan

It is seriously hard to get at the computer here. Sorry.

Last night Kensuke (the youth pastor here) Rosa, Lou, and one of the Japanese guys from Chiba (near Tokyo) and myself had a bit of a jam session in the church. It was pretty cool. Kensuke is an awesome pianist. We played many of the old favourites, like `Shepherd of my soul, `Saviour like a shepherd lead us`, etc etc. Rosa taught some of us a Samoan slap dance. It was the jams! Although Lou being the hard out she is ended up with bruises all over her hands. Hahaha....lemons.

On Friday we travelled up to a fishing village on the coast which looked out to Hokkido. Freezing weather, snow right up to the water. On the way back we had a massive as snow fight. We were in the front van and we asked Martin to stop the van so we could have a snow fight. Lou, Rosa, Geraldine, Madeline and myself were in the van, and we decided to work as a team and punish the other guys. Martin stopped our van on the side of the road, and went and told the other vans who stopped behind us some cock and bull story about the van overheating. Meawhile we had all got out of the van and were secretly stockpiling and manufacturing snowballs at the front of the van. Janet came at us with a lone snowball, and beat a hasty retreat after being pummeled with copious quantities of snowballs. Others faced a similar fate. Anna looked much the worse for wear after her brief encounter with our `blitzkrieg`, as did Jesse. It was with a great sense of satisfaction that our team regrouped in the van.

God bless ya`ll and have an awesome Christmas.



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